The Secrets of Sleep are Solved

What you need to know with your sleep and the mistakes you think you know right. The cells in our organism keep up wit

The Secrets of Sleep are Solved

What you need to know with your sleep and the mistakes you think you know right.

The cells in our organism keep up with our circadian rhythm and change their functions according to different time zones of the day. For example, when you see daylight, the hypothalamus part of our brain transmits the cells and the physiological functions change. And the biological clock genes inside our cells change the protein pathways of the cell.

Sleep circadian rhythm

Sleep circadian rhythm

While most people are watching TV at night, working on the computer, they stay in front of the screen until late hours. He eats his dinner late; and fruit, dried nuts, chocolate, etc. after meals. they snack snacks.
When the clock starts ringing in the morning to go to work or send the children to school, they scrape off the bed or feel like the truck has passed over them.

Or do you think this feeling is normal? Certainly not. This is a situation only experienced by people who insist on a lifestyle against circadian rhythm.
Ideally, you should open your eyes between 06: 00-08: 00 in the morning without the need for an alarm clock and completely renewed and energetically wake up to the day.
Otherwise, you do not have enough rest that the brain and digestive system can work properly.

Scientists underline that people need an average of seven to eight hours of sleep a day for a healthy life. Of course, it’s as important as when you go to bed and sleep. Here, the circadian rhythm comes into play.

Cellular response to disorders in circadian rhythm

Cellular response to disorders in circadian rhythm

Cellular response to disorders in circadian rhythm; DNS damage has long been known in the world of Circadian rhythm science. However, this rhythm was also valid at the cellular level, According to both Ayuverda and recent clinical research results, health, happiness and balance are only established when we keep up with the rhythm of nature.

In other words, to start the day with the awakening of the nature at sunrise and the sun sets. It is healthiest to go to bed after an average of 22:30 – 23:00 hours. The interval between 22: 30-04: 00 is when the body renews itself on both physiological and mental levels, and performs cellular regeneration, where it removes toxins.

If you are sleeping outside of the body’s detox hours without adapting to the rhythm of nature, the body cannot operate its own repair mechanisms properly. Accordingly, while the physical body detox processes take place between the hours of 22: 30-02: 00, mental detox takes place in the range of 02: 00-04: 00. In this respect, I recommend that you spend your evening meals lightly.

Because if a heavy menu selection that puts a load on the digestive system is made for dinner, some of the energy that the body must use to repair and renew itself is being used to digest the nutrients.

Sleep Health

Sleep Health

Therefore, the physical regeneration and detox process performed by the body on a daily basis is not performed efficiently. Especially if you are one of those who do not enter the bed from 00: 00-01: 00, you do not allow full functioning of the body’s self-renewal mechanism that the body does daily because you are awake during physical detox hours.

And the early aging process starts working quickly. Those who cannot sleep at night and go to bed in the night do not have a chance to escape from psychological disorders.
Because those who stand between the hours of 02: 00-04: 00, when the mental detox occurs, the mind detox and the unconscious relief associated with it do not occur.

The benefits of regular sleep

  • Regular and balanced sleep ensures the blood flow to the skin efficiently and effectively.
  • It supports daily self-renewal of the skin and the operation of automatic repair mechanisms.
  • It prevents the formation of bruises of detention.
  • It calms the stress-induced twitching movement.
  • As it reduces stress, it also positively affects eating habits and digestive system. It supports a comfortable stool discharge every day.
  • It makes the skin tone clearer.
  • It increases the anti-inflammatory DHEA hormone release that allows you to cope with stress.
  • Increases the release of GHA, the growth hormone secreted by the body. GHA automatically replicates collagen production; In this way, our skin begins to shine with a clearer and more elastic form.
  • Sleep health affects you in many ways from your work performance to your sexual life.
    Our sleep health is very important for physical and mental health.
  • Yes, what you need to do for your life is very simple. Just a regular and healthy sleep. Regular and healthy sleep will prevent both fatigue and unhappiness.

physical and mental health

aphysical and mental health

In our previous articles, we talked about the relationship between the hormone serotonin and the hormone sleep, melatonin. Our body needs the hormone serotonin for melatonin production. Because the sleep hormone is converted to melatonin by destroying seratonin. Thus, melatonin is secreted, which allows you to sleep.

If you sleep at irregular hours, your body will have to break down more serotonin to make you sleep, you will have difficulty waking up due to decreasing serotonin levels and you will start an unhappy day when you wake up.

In addition to clinical treatment methods, depression patients are provided with studies to shorten sleep times and wake up early. Its purpose is to prevent further serotonin breakdown. But of course, these patients are allowed to sleep during regular sleep hours, and the hours that need to wake up are shortened by a few hours.

But if you are already sleeping by stealing from your sleep time, waking up early will lead to a decrease in your body, not an increase in serotonin. Because your body cannot complete the detox process it needs, your circadian rhythms will be damaged and will cause you to sleep more.

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