Simple secrets of a happy relationship

The way to a happy and peaceful relationship is not as complicated as you think. We recommend you to try the eight methods on

Simple secrets of a happy relationship

The way to a happy and peaceful relationship is not as complicated as you think. We recommend you to try the eight methods on this list.

Your boyfriend will tell you that the secret of a happy relationship is to see the big picture. You know, to strengthen the bond between you through trust, communication and love … You should also make sure that you have the same common views about your future plans, the idea of having children and economic expectations.

However, if you are overlooking the beauties your togetherness brings to you, you are also avoiding a ton of opportunities that will increase your happiness.

Touch each other

Showing love and seeing love is satisfactory in every a way. It may or may not make love, but it is beautiful in two ways. Just you should stop planning it.
“Many couples don’t have time to show love to each other, or if they touch each other, they think it will evolve to love, and they stop touching each other because they don’t want to make love at that moment,” . “This is very false. Touching is the basis of eroticism and does not have to be goal oriented. This should be more like a game between your partner

Turn your separations into an event when you leave home and return from work

No You shouldnt Just saying “Goodbye!” You shouldn’t yell and run away.
“When your partner goes to work and comes home, leave aside what you are busy with and look at him,you say welcome him and embrace each other in the same way that you both put yourself in the arms of the other.

This movement strengthens and encourages your feelings of communication and compassion. It makes both parties feel loved and important. Your partner will think about this hug when you are separated all day and will be looking forward to finding the same when he returns home.

Turn off your phones

Spend at least one hour a week with the person you love, without notification and alarm sounds from the phone and computer. You can use airplane mode. “You should be there, not busy and keep your attention on your partner,”

Refresh your memories

Whether it is the smell of the pasta that you ate at your first appointment, or the scent of its perfume has filled the room, use your senses to recall happy times. The fragrance is strongly related to memory and is also a highly erotic way to experience nostalgia. A study published in Personality and Social Psychology found that nostalgia makes you more hopeful for the future.

Do a Physical Activity Together

Take your happiness to the top by doing your favorite training together. This is an organic way to get valuable information about each other’s life, and you will also be more fit in this process. Sweating together will make you even closer: A study published in the Journal of Personal Psychology argues that unlike taking the dog for a walk or reading a book in bed, an unusual activity that you do increases the satisfaction of the relationship.

Sleep in the same bed and at the same time

Some couples prefer to stay awake until late at night, while others prefer to sleep early. You can improve the closeness between you by synchronizing your timing. You can strengthen your relationship by giving your partner a good night kiss in bed. Even if this is not possible, it is also important to try to achieve this once a week.
When you’re not in a digital detox, use your devices for romantic benefits. Many couples are just messaging for daily, boring questions: “Do you need anything from the market?” “Who will take the kids after school?”
Once a week, surprise your partner with a loving message. As long as there is a sincere message that indicates that you are thinking of it, it does not have to be explicitly sexual. “Personally, I like the surprise messages and the surprise to me in general,” “Routine and habit kill romanticism. Innovation and surprises add excitement to things. ”
Your partner will probably be delighted with surprise gifts or flowers, but true love doesn’t have to cost.

You should laugh

It can be quite simple, but laughing is the sine qua non of a happy relationship. According to a study conducted at the University of Kansas, the more a woman laughs, the greater the likelihood of romantic attachment to her.
However, this should not put pressure on stand-ups on men: The real sign that a relationship is successful is that both sides are laughing together. You can start by going to watch a comedy show together. Having jokes that only you can understand later helps you get closer.

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