Today’s fast and intensive work can be difficult to allocate time to exercise and sports. People are looking for the best way to evaluate their time. So how can we make the time that can be divided into sports more efficient and enjoyable?

There are many different kinds of exercise in this list which we list in terms of calories burned in 1 hour. You can experiment with different kinds of exercise and prepare yourself an exercise program that suits you best.

36.  Hatha yoga = 228 Calories in 1 hour

This variety of yoga focuses on certain movements, allowing you to burn 228 calories in 1 hour.

35.  A light walk = 255 Calories in 1 hour

A 90-pound walking speed of 3.2 km per hour can burn 255 calories.

34.  Bowling = 273 Calories in 1 hour

Bowling counts 273 calories per hour, counting the moments you shot.

33.  Hall dance = 273 Calories in 1 hour


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