You’ll see its benefits in a short time when you start to do regular eagle abs movement, which is a highly effective exercise for those who want to run the abdominal region, by regularly adding them to your workouts.

Lie on your back on your mat on the floor. Cross your right foot over the left foot. Call your arms in the same way. Lift your head with your shoulders. Breathe in and crunch as you move your knees with your elbows. Lower your knees to your abdomen, and your arms down to your knees.

Repeat the movement 10 x 3 times.

Eagle Abs Benefits

  • Ensures your abdominal area to be tightened.
  • Opens the joints in your skeletal system.
  • Stretches knee, ankle, hip and elbows.
  • Revitalizes the internal organs such as liver, spleen and colon.
  • It is said to have a sexual life-enhancing effect.


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