Even though there is still debate about how obesity causes cancer, studies show that obesity has a greater role in increasing the risk of cancer than we think

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death across the globe and one in seven of the world’s population is obese. Researchers have been investigating the link between these two health problems for years. Studies still show how obesity causes cancer, but studies show that the role of obesity in increasing the risk of cancer is greater than we thought. This link is now very clear.








Dönem Women’s excess weight gain, especially the fat around the umbilicus, increases the risk of cancer of the uterus. Every 0.1 units increase in weight increases the risk of cancer by 21%. Iyor 11 percent.



Regarding the risks of obesity for men, Excessive weight gain in men is known to increase the incidence of cancer of the large intestine, rectum and biliary tract. However, it is not clear yet what mechanism obesity affects these types of cancer.”


How does obesity surgery affect?

Resources stated that there are numerous researches proving that obesity affects health badly. lifestyle changes, exercise and healthy diet are not enough to get rid of excess fat mass. The results of the study showed that obesity surgery dramatically decreased the risk of cancer in women, especially in women. giving ..

Bariatric surgery and cancer noted that the movement of non-scientific opinion on the superior, a few studies” Bariatric surgery increases the risk of pancreatic cancer “Our form of colleagues who sensational output too, which increases the already risk cancer patients in the study mentioned factors are obesity, chronic alcohol and ignore factors such as smoking and the history of pancreatitis.


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