Nobel Prize Autophagy and Fasting

Fasting for three days renewing our immunity.  Yoshinori Ohsumi is a cell biologist from Japan. In fact, autophagy was discovered in the 1960s, but scientists could not understand how the autophagy mechanism worked. Nobel winner Oshumi research reveals genes responsible for autophagy. Autophagy exists in all living things, including humans. And in this way, cells are removed from the substances

Autophagy allows the orderly degradation and recycling of cellular components. In disease, autophagy has been seen as an adaptive response to stress, which promotes survival, whereas in other cases it appears to promote cell death and morbidity. In the extreme case of starvation, the breakdown of cellular components promotes cellular survival by maintaining cellular energy levels.

(A) Diagram of autophagy; (B) Electron micrograph of autophagic structures in the fatbody of a fruit fly larva; (C) Fluorescently labeled autophagosomes in liver cells of starved mice. source vide!

Even though the cells do not look like us, in some cases they act like the same people. They fill their garbage in special bags (autophagosomes), and store them in containers (lysosomes). The most polluted ones are being destroyed and digested, and some are recycled and used in energy production.

Ketosis Diet

Body works much more under stress, so being hungry is a source of stress. In this case, the cell is trying to make energy production by using its own internal means and That’s why body starts cleaning the garbage first.

There is a ketosis diet similar to this. it’s an increasingly popular diet among bodybuilders and anyone seeking a longer lifespan. The idea is to reduce carbohydrates to such low levels that the body has no choice but to use fat as a fuel source instead.

Ketosis is like an autophagy hack. You get a lot of the same metabolic changes and benefits of fasting without actually fasting.

Ketosis can help people lose body fat while retaining muscle, and there’s some evidence that it helps the body fight cancerous tumors, lowers the risk of diabetes, and protects against some brain disorders, particularly epilepsy. (Research showed that more than half of children with epilepsy who go on the diet have at least a 50 percent reduction in seizures.)


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