God created the first energy in the universe. That energy created matter with great concentration. The substance was broken up into positive and negative. These atoms, made up of identical particles, like two twin brothers, were divided into two.

They call the negative substance  that we exist today only matter.
They call it positive substance anti-matter.

The antimatter is like the twin brother of matter. They are programmed one to one. But one of the nucleus is positive and the other one is negatively charged. Depending on the load of the core, the surrounding particles take charge.

Man was created from matter. just like in the avatar movie, their second bodies were created of anti-matter. The soul gave life to man created from normal dead matter.
The human being created from the anti-matter is still waiting in a lifeless way. When the apocalypse breaks, these bodies of matter will disappear and the bodies of antimatter will come to life.

The Lost Souls Guide

The souls that leave the body created from matter will enter the anti-matter bodies in apocalypse. Because antimatter bodies are actually real people.


The spirits were sent to this world, dressed in bodies of normal matter, which is actually a copy of the anti-matter. In fact, this body was not suitable for the souls of those souls at all. People feel some fantastic desires that they don’t know during their lives, but they don’t even want to put that into words. That’s because he’s afraid other people will blame him.

These fantastic feelings stem from the fact that the soul in the human body is not created in accordance with the body in this world.
The spirit was created according to the body of antimatter and its capacity was adjusted accordingly. His body restrained him, and man was constantly trying to get rid of this unfamiliar feeling of restraint.
Then Allah created religions.

He made religions a guide to finding oneself and understanding what happened. If one did not restrain or sense to restrain the sense of infinity, it would only feel that it was not of this body and harm itself.

People who turned to a belief in a religion could capture a few little clues about their essence, even a few few clues convinced them to live in this body. It comforted them to know that they were not permanent in this body.
People both want not to die at all and want to get rid of this body. That’s what this feeling explains.

The Lost Souls Guide

Man is not a being of this world. But for some, exile was sent to this world to mature according to others.

The soul was a newly created being. He had to gain reputation among the angels and prove himself to them. God created man above all beings He created. But the angels thought that man was not superior, but they could not bring it against God. They were so scared of the God that they could not even talk to each other. But the God they knew what they were thinking.

After the soul was created, two bodies were created to clothe the soul. One was the actual body, and the other was the training body in which the soul would be trapped to learn itself. The entity called the soul was put into the material body, which is made up of those atoms from which our world, which we call matter, was created.

The real essence of matter is the real substance, which, in our opinion, is the body created from anti-matter, hiding until the apocalypse to wait for the soul.

The body of matter is dressed in the soul and sent to the world. According to the angels, the soul was born as a young, newly created creature, both confused and sad. His true body was forgotten so that he would not suffer as a gift to the soul.

Thus, it would be more easily adapted to the body of the world consisting of matter and would not try to escape or escape that body as its own body.

It began to live as a driver in the body soul. He was leading her, giving her life. Every day the Creator created and sent a new one to the world, and the number of souls increased day by day. Since its creation so long ago, the soul has completely forgotten its identity.

There is no longer a living creature called the soul, there is only a person who thinks that the body he is the driver of, and whose souls call it a common name. The real being, the soul, was forgotten, the body in which it was integrated was called alive, and its name was changed to human.

The world was in fact a realm of souls, not humans. He was sent to the world with a demo body in order for the souls to reach maturity, to get himself accepted by the angels and to prepare for his true body. Because the body was created from antimatter, which in reality would be one to integrate.

The Lost Souls Guide

The souls, whose memory was erased and who forgot that they were souls in time, called themselves human beings, began to feel that they were a different being. They could not consist of this body, which they called themselves human.

Then, as time passed, the human societies who were alone with themselves began to feel that the human body was not just a matter of matter as a result of their discovery. The people who went above these feelings began to express that there was another creature in the human being and they called it the soul in time. Those who actually said that were self-aware spirits.

The spirits trapped in the human body began to discover themselves and mature as the creator wanted. The first stages of maturity were to think, and by developing this dream they became aware of themselves. The souls, who remembered themselves again, forgot that they had forgotten, were convinced that there was an entity other than matter.

All people, whether they think or not, accept what I say. Because it is the souls who accept it , not body. People who found that there was an entity called the soul thought that the diseases actually originated from this being.

After people began to think that the illness was caused by the soul, they either prayed for healing or burned people alive. Some incurable diseases were thought to be caused by evil spirits, and these people were burned alive.

Later some people who realized that they were living in a being called the soul thought that they would have different powers if they did not see the soul as the cause of the illness but integrated with it or reached it. Then people with religion began to train their souls, and non-religious people began to train their souls.

While religious people thought that they would mature their souls by nurturing them, non-religious believers believed that they would reach out to them by training their souls and they would be whole with themselves. Although the beliefs were different, the methods were similar.

But there was something people didn’t know. In fact, no such thing as the soul could have been a second being. Because the human, it was just a dress worn by the soul.

But the soul had forgotten himself so much that when he was trapped inside the body and saw only a flesh being outside the body, he began to believe that he was this being.

But when he realized that the creature of this body could not make such thoughts, only doing the things he wanted, he accepted his own existence.  The soul thought that the living thing was the body and the inanimate itself. He was looking for himself in , even though he was the one he did  remember, thought and felt.

The Lost Souls Guide

After discovering the soul, people learned deeper knowledge by observing the soul. The soul was seen as an energy just for human survival and was no longer considered a second entity.

After learning the spirit, no one thought of the spirit as a separate entity, except for the devout and shamans and a few tribes who devoted themselves to the maturation of their souls.
The soul was now a bioenergy for humans, or one of the functional features of the brain.

Even when this thought increased its popularity, a medical science called mental illnesses emerged. The man who could not even train his soul thought that he could cure his soul. The person who did not accept the existence of the soul was trying to cure him. The souls deny the souls, but in medicine, a branch of science called mental illnesses was created, trying to help the sick souls by not being able to accept their absence.

Medically, every branch has a branch doctor, so the soul is considered an invisible organ and a branch was established to treat this organ when it was sick.

The spirit was not created from matter, but the drugs developed to cure the soul were matter. It was like hunting this ghost with a slingshot.. In fact, the effort to forget this spirit did not work, but they did not want to accept.

Because if they accept it, they feel that they do not belong to this world, living in this world becomes intolerable for them and realizing that they are trapped in their bodies.

If they did not accept, like other creatures, like animals, they expected to grow old and retired and then die, leaving themselves to the flow of time in the world.

The idea of not accepting was easier than accepting. Because to accept that the soul is the real being, it made people meaningless. They felt they were trapped inside their bodies. The spirits began to remember themselves and were screaming in those bodies.

People who train their souls as the creator wants to realize why he is here and why he is trapped in that body knows that he will remain limited in time in this body and will reach his original body when he reaches maturity as he was ordered and he lives more peaceful than other people.

In people who do not know the existence of the soul and not educate it, the fluttering of their souls destroys bodies, people either kill themselves or live by damaging their bodies. Just like a prisoner set fire to a prisoner trying to get out of prison.

The people who forgot their souls could not get rid of this spirit belief transferred from their ancestors. They didn’t accept their existence and looked at it as an energy within a human being, and interpreted mental illnesses as disruption of that energy and called brain illnesses mental illnesses.

They were trying to change the way the brain used to manipulate the body, the dress of the spirit, by giving medicines that would affect the brain to cure the soul.
This worked from time to time. Because the soul used the brain to dominate the body to live in it. The rebellious souls were doing this by using the first brain unbalanced to attack the body to get rid of the body they were in.

To be continued..



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