The inhabitants of the barren land are light, their faces are beautiful. The skins are pure and clean, their morals are beautiful, their thoughts are deep. Open minds quickly understand science and truth.

Moses and Ilyas 40 days, Jesus 60 days, without food was fasting. Over 250-500 grams of food per day will accumulate. Metabolism constantly controlling digestion, removing metabolic waste, storing non-disposable ones and directing the responsible organs cannot show resistance to diseases because it is very busy .

When the body does not receive any nutrients from the out, the immune system frees from digestion and directs all its strength to cleanse the body. From the liver and intestines with feces, lung with cough and breath; sneezing from the brain, tears, ear discharge, and nasal discharge; urine from the kidneys; begin to throw away metabolic waste from the blood.

A lot of energy is consumed during this heavy work. To obtain this energy, glycogen and fat stores are used first. Therefore, in the first 3-4 days, the body has a weight loss of 1-1.5 kg.

After 3-4 days

After 3-4 daysAfter 3-4 days, the cleaned blood begins to expel from the body by dissolving the cholesterol, toxin and lime layer formed on the walls of the veins. These days, the mouth, breath and sweat of the human smell; the saliva increases, darkens and becomes sticky, the urine becomes darker, the smell becomes heavy; sand and stone can be poured. Shivering, blood pressure drop or rise may be observed; stomach, stomach, vomiting, itching may be; aft, cold, pimples, boils and wounds may occur. However, fasting people are fasting; only slight flicker or pulse falls.

Hunger 5-7

On the day of the mouth and the skin begins to smell of acetone. This odor indicates that the body has switched to internal feeding, and it may be hard for everyone. Because that day, the effect of hunger descends to the cells and begins to clean the cells undergoing change. It transforms the cells that cannot be cleaned by single-breaking into nutrients, ie they begin to eradicate diseases. It partially dissolves the debris, partially throws it out.

5 to 7

5 to 7. big flution. In women, dark red, brown or green, fragmented and fragrant menstrual bleeding may be. These days the saliva of the fastener heals the inflamed wound; dries the fungus in the ear, destroys the virus; melts the newly formed cataract; even the scorpion can kill. In this process, weight loss decreases, 500-700 grams per day.

From day 7

Weight loss from day 7 to 300-360 grams per day, after 21 days to 120-150 grams. Overweight ones can lose more weight. If water is not consumed during fasting fast, more patient cells are used for water supply, so improvement takes place in a shorter time. However, the thirsty should drink water. The thirst shows that the body needs water to melt toxins. When the immune system breaks down the cells that give up the patient and the dhikr, the appetite opens, so long as the appetite does not occur, it is necessary to continue.

Dr. Aidin Salih


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