According to experts who say that love is good for physical and mental health, love can make a person feel better even in the most difficult moments. Protecting the heart, strengthening immunity, facilitating weight loss, increasing self-esteem and feeling of success, the physical and psychological benefits of love.

Hormonal activity, social interactions, doctrines and physical contact have a highly complex structure that has been the subject of many researches. Especially in the first phase of love, there is much more hormonal change than in some parts of the brain. When we fall in love, there is an increase in the active oxytocin, vasopressin and dopamine hormones on human health.


It is known as happiness and love hormone. Provides relief by lowering blood pressure. The hormone, which is effective in the secretion of touch, sound and odor factors, builds trust in social relations. Especially during birth and lactation increases.


Also known as loyalty hormone, it increases the sense of commitment. Regulates blood volume and concentration.


This hormone, which makes people feel good, provides motivation to perform any activity. Without this hormone, it is almost impossible for a person to move the hair.


Love causes weight loss

There are some changes in the brain called ”hypothalamus” in the region that regulates almost all hormones. With the onset of love, the secretion called noradrenaline increases. It also serves as a response to stress, accelerating the heart rate with the release of noradrenaline, which affects the heart, and the sympathetic neurons. Late answers to the questions asked during this period, the head is too messy is caused by the release of extreme noradrenaline. It also suppresses appetite and therefore provides weight gain.

love protects the heart

There are numerous positive effects on the heart health of love. The phrase maktad When I see Him, my heart beats out as it will emerge u, which is used to describe love, does not represent a metaphor, but a real situation. Heart rate is increased due to adrenaline and noradrenaline, which is called catecholamine. Increased heart rate during love can cause more blood to be pumped into the body, resulting in more efficient functioning of the heart and other organs.


Love increases the level of dopamine hormone secreted in the brain. The dopamine hormone, which helps to create the sense of pleasure, has positive effects on focus and attention. Dopamine, which has an effect on the information flow in the brain, contributes to the achievement of professional goals by increasing the sense of self-confidence and success together with a happy and social personality. Decrease in dopamine level may lead to decreased memory, attention and problem-solving ability.


Love also increases sex hormones such as estrogen and testosterone, such as dopamine. The hormones estrogen and testosterone, which play an important role in sexuality, undertake different tasks in the body. Estrogen has a protective effect on the health of the heart and blood vessels while preserving the bone structure. testosterone hormone also plays an important role in the formation of strong bones and a healthy immune system.


The stages and time of love are governed by hormones. The first phase is extremely enjoyable, sleepless, appetite-free, and heart passes. In the following stages, the feeling of calm, empathy and attachment becomes dominant. Over time, couples, stress, sadness, such as feelings begin to live simultaneously. In this period called physiological ligament, cortisol is seen with the effect of hormone.

As the stages of love, hormones come into prominence about time. In men, sex hormones are continuously secreted every day, with no apparent disease or severe stress, but with morning peaks. Women’s sexual desire increased, more social behavior, more optimistic and energetic in the period when it is most likely to fall in love during the period of the second and third week of the period.

In order to fall in love, it may be necessary to include the time factor in all these chemical arithmetic. Love makes a positive impact on the whole body, but love, like every emotion, should be deliberately experienced in all its stages, so that it is sober and not harmful to health.


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