Subconscious, subconscious, important concepts that the unconscious person must explore in his journey of life. While I was grappling with questions like What do we live for?

The triad of soul-body-mind, parallel universes, conditioning, law of attraction, energy theory, belief and god concepts, power of love, high consciousness …

The Ayahuasca plant, which has grown in the Amazon for centuries, is described in the intersection set of all these concepts. Ayahuasca is a psycho-active plant grown in Peru and Brazil. The DMT substance in our body is already a liquid in the space between the two eyes.

It is also found in all mammals and some plants. A fluid in an embryonic baby’s secretion up to eight weeks. This liquid that makes your life pass in front of your eyes like a film strip when you die

When you take this item from the Ayahuasca plant, you are almost born again. Not metaphorically, really.

The Ayahuasca plant, which the shamans have used to heal since ancient times, is currently being examined, used, and recommended by leading psychologists, psychiatrists, science in the United Kingdom and the United States. The ceremonies held in the Ayahuasca centers opened in Peru and Brazil for the last 10 years host thousands of people.

He tells you, embraces you, heals you, he teaches you. It reminds you of your inner strength, your god, your self, your self-esteem. Reaches your high consciousness and answers all your questions. Besides its spiritual side, it is also known for its physical healing properties, it is improving more and more people every day. An editor at the American magazine Elle wrote seven screenings in Peru and wrote down the page-page transformation experience and impressions, and my interest was swollen. Ayahuasca plant, collected by the shamans and extracted by boiling tea as a drink. It is defined as life-saving, life-changing, questioning the meaning of life, renewing, healing, getting rid of their addictions, defying all those questions, problems, worries, indecision, egos, childhood traumas.


There is also a famous motto: an Ayahuasca ceremony is worth 10 years of psychotherapy. I’ve been reading this as one of the many methods of therapy. Because there is no result in psychotherapy, there is a process, sometimes even a little blame, there is trial. Ayahuasca, on the other hand, is embracing, and therefore healer, which means he doesn’t kill the wound and look guilty or wrongly.

A very close friend of mine went to the center of the Ayahuasca after a tremendous aura, energy, narrative last week on the way I went for the Amazons. I decided to go to a Ayahuasca center in the Bahia region of Brazil.

The center where I go is giving a 9 day program, 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies and many workshops. Some centers perform much more intensive programs for 2-3 weeks and a lot more ceremonies.

Before the first ceremony, various meditation techniques, documentaries, power point presentations and various shamans and psychologists are being held with high consciousness conversations. In the meantime, there is already a diet you started before you go there: Meatless, salt-free, non-alcoholic, sugar-free diet as much as possible to recommend the body to be cleaned. You understand that the most important preparation is to set an uğ intention ın for the ceremony in the evening. It really is the most critical point.

Tea tastes pretty not good. The effect is felt 1-2 hours after drinking. So if you are starting and you are moving into another dimension, then you are … In your 4-5 hours of experience, your consciousness is looking at both you and your body and your soul from a high place.


Sometimes you can find answers to your questions, sometimes even in front of you. But it is wrong to expect the same effect from every ceremony. Sometimes your ego can resist and sometimes you don’t think you have anything.

To be able to say goodbye to the thing you need to confront with the sadness and anger you need to remove from your system. After the confrontation before I confront with happiness, I answer all my questions, I felt terribly happy and peaceful, loving two ceremonies passed.

Ayahuasca is a mirror and amplifier of your character, as soon as you lower your shields at the next ceremony, you solve the question of why the previous one is so, Ayahuasca you a mother’s love and

he embraces with his wisdom. So you actually …



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