Dear parents, this is a situation where we see a lot of fever in children and require urgent intervention. Fever can sometimes be a symptom of an important disease. For this reason, in case of fever, the family should know what to do and the pediatrician should be consulted.

Fever is the most obvious complaint of a problem in the body. It is a token. It is also a defense mechanism for killing, destroying the microbe that enters the body in a certain way.

10-20% of the applications to the pediatrician and 20-30% of the emergency department applications are due to fever. fever in childrenin children is always an emergency and priority. The baby should be examined without waiting.

So how many degrees above the fire is considered? How and where to measure in children? Before moving on, we need to know the normal body temperature. Normal body temperature is between 36.3C and 37.4C. When it rises above 37.4C, it should be considered as light fever. These values are the values specified for the armpit measurement. Fever can also be measured from different parts of the body. (ear, breech, mouth, forehead). Even though the most accurate result is rectal measurement, I recommend the measurement from the armpits. Because, in practical use, measurement from the rectum is difficult and carries some risks. When measuring from the underarm, it is necessary to keep the degree under armpit for at least 2-4 minutes. Body temperature is higher in the ear. In remote measurements such as forehead, the margin of error is very high.

You measured your child’s fever and high. What should you do? First, take off the clothes. and slightly lower the room temperature. Start with plenty of water-liquid support. When you measure again, you can give paracetamol or ibuprofen syrup / suppository if it does not fall below 38-38.5 ° C. (In the meantime, you should call your doctor). After waiting for 30-60 minutes, still cold application should be started. So how should the cold application be? Fill a large container with warm water (not absolutely cold water!) 1-2 degrees more than the bath water and snap your baby. Soak your neck and armpits with a cloth (10-15min). If your child is large, you can put them in the shower directly. Keep under the shower in the form of game for 10-15 minutes. Contact your doctor if you cannot lower it. Some applications for fever may be required in the emergency department.

If we look at the causes of fever in children; The most common cause is an infection. At the beginning of this, upper respiratory tract infections (URIs) come. Especially in the autumn-winter months, the URI will peak. Then, gastrointestinal infections (acute gastroenteritis), urinary tract infection, rash diseases can be considered. Other than infection; Excessive ambient temperature, post-vaccination, teething, depending on body fluid loss, rheumatic, oncological and neurological diseases may also be due to fever.

In some cases, fever is more important and should be considered as an emergency. These; If your baby is younger than 3 months, has a history of febrile convulsions, if the fever does not fall below 39 ° C, if there is a tendency to sleep, there is distortion, no fluids, or difficulty breathing.

Dear Parents; the most important thing in the hot boy is the general condition of the baby. If the fever is light and the baby is not looking good! the underlying cause may be serious. The opposite is true. In children, the most common complaint is fever, and after a hot night, consult your doctor. Stay healthy.


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