The human,  most intelligent alien form or the most interesting alien creatures are living creatures in space. It is said that there are aliens in space research conducted in the 51st region. I mean, they’re more intelligent than the human form. It is often argued that these creatures are more advanced than the human race, and that human beings are a less developed species of life than these creatures. But this is not the case.

I’m a science philosopher. I can only refute these claims by doing philosophy. You ask why ?
The aliens  cannot be circus performers .. They had to be advanced creatures in the medical field.

In some documentaries, they say they kidnapped people, operated the kidnapped people, and implanted the subcutaneous implant to watch these people. Or they’re said to heal sick people when they spy it. Now think  you with me.If these creatures has such advanced technology and knowledge, they would develop in plastic surgery in order to keep their bodies in a proper shape.

Now you’re going to think that they don’t need it, maybe they’re going to think that this view is considered normal or even nice between their races. But to make a high-tech device, you have to have a well-developed body. It is not possible to make advanced devices without having a maneuverable body.

For example, nano-tech devices and medical applications need to be handled with high precision and maneuverable hands. Mankind evolved in the process of evolution in order to keep up with the developing technology has changed the physical appearance, has become more beautiful and capable. The organs have become a body capable of making these technologies by keeping up with this development.

In the chain of evolution, the bodies of the first people have larger fingers and hands, but the skull is narrower. However, the brain is less in the cortex within the skull. As the human body evolves into evolution, the skull has grown to keep up with this change in the enlarged brain cortex. The human brain, which is not capable of trapped the skull, has become curved to fit in its skull.

So why are have aliens just big skull? We are trying to give the impression that they have a more advanced brain by showing the heads of the aliens as advertised. We know today that the IQs of dolphins are higher than those of us, and their brains are more developed than humans. If there was an alien alive in advanced form, I think they would be dolphins. But as you can see, the high IQ is not enough to create a modern society.

it would be wiser to do cosmetic surgery than show them off with spacecraft. So they can be closer to people and do more research on human communities.

why could I think they didn’t? The 51st district would not be famous, instead, we would be talking about highly intelligent and psychic people

So what I want to ask briefly is, why a more advanced species of life more ugly than me and why doesn’t it use technology to beautify itself?
A more advanced form than me collect information by hiding among people instead of doing flight shows in the sky to investigate why.

So what I want to ask briefly is, why a more advanced species of life more ugly than me and why doesn’t it use technology to beautify itself?
A more advanced form than me collect information by hiding among people instead of doing flight shows in the sky to investigate why.

He wouldn’t be a prisoner in area 51.. If it had been advanced form, I would think that all the people in the area would be able to defuse and escape even with hypnosis.

There is a constant race between states. If a state has made technological progress, the rival states or hostile states are trying to make or play the same technology.

But some states use the aliens as a mask for themselves to create the impression that they take the technology from the aliens. Thus, they are trying to delay this kind of research of the competing states by creating the belief that this will not be done by man.
In this process of delay, they are developing their systems by performing the R & D work of the technology they find. Thus, while it has a more advanced technology, the rival states are convinced that this can be done by people, and they are moving more slowly as the technology is researched later.

If such technology develop were made possible only by the help of aliens, then China and Japan should be full of aliens.
Moreover, the developed European countries have lagged behind the eastern countries in terms of scientific developments, even though they say they are more advanced than the Eastern countries in intellectual science.

Western states created aliens legend. They wanted to give the message that their technologies could not be done with human intelligence.
The content of this message is that you cannot do it, we learned them from aliens. Thus, other states lost time by trying to copy them instead of developing such technologies. When they started to produce this technology, the western states had improved their R & D activities and provided technological superiority to rival states.

For some reason, these aliens visited only Western states and did not recognize the eastern states.

These creatures have advanced technology, so they did not come here to do technology research. These creatures have advanced technology, so they did not come here to do technology research.
If their aim is to investigate the human race, do not they have to go to the eastern countries first? Because only Chinese and Indian population is more than Western countries. As such, alien claims from the eastern countries are almost non-existent.


In addition, if we think that the aliens are interested in certain people of the country, this would certainly not be the only Western country, but only the Egyptian state. Because for centuries there has been a constant alien history in the ancient origins of egyptian

but  technology of egypt , which has much older ties than western states, is far behind the western states.

While the Western states have just started to understand the ancient structures of the egypt , egypt people still do not have the technological equipment to understand the works of their ancestors  . They don’t have the technology they claim to be from the aliens.

Aliens, the hybrid children of the human race
Aliens, the hybrid children of the human race

This is nothing but a psychological illusion. Yeah, I think there really is aliens. But they are not in a more advanced form than the human race. Perhaps only physical and chemical components give them the ability to use advanced technology. But that’s all it is.

If the human body had a physical and chemical structure that could transcend the laws of physics, it would be faster to find devices that would exceed the speed of light. But today there is a fact that he accepts in the scientific world that his human body is incapable of traveling at the speed of light.

Our alien friends, but without any costume for protective equipment, travel at the speed of light, but they do not divide or burn. so what i think

Finally, as my own opinion, as a believing person and by accepting all religions as sacred, I say, there are aliens. But it is the hybrid children of different living things without human beings. I say this based on the holy books of religions.

If I wanted to tell you the details of this topic, I would have done this site only to finish this article.

People cannot exceed the speed of light without physical mutation. Also can not create hardware that exceeds the speed of light. When they find the laws of physics known as the law of everything in the laws of physics, they will understand why it is not possible.

You may think I’m talking arrogant. You might think I don’t know them. I’m not a physicist I am not alien , but I think and talk only philosophically. I hope you will be tolerant to me. if you’re not biased, you might think I’m right

In my next article we will pass the speed of light together, because it is possible to pass the speed of light. we will talk about the people who succeeded speed  spot of light.


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