It consists of a medium sized apple, about 85% water and 5 grams of soluble fiber. Apple also contains quercetin. It is known that quercetin helps fight against some types of cancer, supports the reduction of cholesterol and maintains lung health. You can increase the feeling of satiety with cinnamon. If you have problems with insulin resistance or glucose metabolism, consume proteins such as milk or nuts.


Eggs are a major source of protein that helps you keep you bored. According to recent research, two egg-eaters at breakfast received 400 calories less than 24 calories within 24 hours compared to those who eat simit. Experts confirm that this research shows that egg yields higher and longer durability.

Flower Vegetables

During weight loss periods, high fiber and low-calorie vegetables such as cauliflower, broccoli are the best choice. These vegetables are also useful for health. Cauliflower, cancer-fighting herbal food contains sulfuric, folic acid and vitamin C. You can mix it with yogurt and mustard and use it as a sauce.

Oil-free yogurt

Recent research has shown that those who eat yogurt three times a day during the 12-week weight loss program lose two times more weight than those who do not consume milk products. How Does? Experts say that bioactive components in dairy products combine with calcium to slow down the process of fat formation and increase the fat burning rate, especially in the lumbar region.

Rolled oats

Mothers say the truth: Kah-vali is the most important meal of the day. So much so that you can even make breakfast if you can. In a study that lasted for 6 years, body mass indexes were lower than those who jumped breakfast. Similarly, those fed with oatmeal have a lower body mass index than those consuming other breakfast products.

10 years ago, Australian researchers found that oatmeal was the most satisfying coffee food and the most satisfying third general food. Oatmeal, due to the content of fiber and protein content will help you to remain satiated for longer.


Although almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts have almost all the attention and praise, the importance of peanuts should not be overlooked. Research shows that peanuts eat less food during the day and even keep as much peanuts as they want.

So, what makes peanuts so miraculous? Protein? Or oil? Looks like they’ve got a little bit of it all. The researchers tried to separate the different components to determine what was so satisfying in peanuts, but they still haven’t answered.


Studies show that adding a bowl of soup to the weight-loss diet program can almost double the weight loss rate in the six-month period. Adding water to food keeps it much more tough than drinking water.

The fish

It has been found that steamed white fish such as Kalkan and whiting is the nutrient that is more than the other foods. In addition, a recent study shows that fish eaters eat 11 percent less food at dinner than those who eat red meat.


High-fiber grains are the perfect way to complete any meal. Bulgur, which is a whole wheat product that is cooked quickly, becomes ready in about 10 minutes after boiling and it is

The food is. Fiber, control your sugar

so that you do not experience blood sugar irregularities that may occur with low-fiber carbohydrates such as white rice. Buckwheat, quinoa, lentils and chickpeas can also be used because of their similar effects.


When it comes to diet, many of us think of salads. This can’t be a diet meal if the salad is for you, but if you put tomatoes on a single kind of greens. Salads are an excellent opportunity to add many hearty foods to your diet at a time; fresh vegetables, lean protein, beans, bulgur, lentils and healthy fats.

According to one study, women eating salad before lunch at lunch, the pasta is eating less and longer does not feel hunger.


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